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El Santo Golpe offers different workshops and educational performances for a variety of events and audiences of all ages, from K-12 schools, non-profit organizations, community events, universities and grassroots projects. Here are some of the topics we provide:

Ritmos y Versos (Rhythms and Verses)

This interactive session, adventures itself into the "Son Jarocho" roots of traditional music from Veracruz Mexico, using  rhythms, and storytelling as a form to empowerment and liberation. Traditions and cultures had survived through the many years in history through music and verses, and this workshop provides the students the tools to tell their own stories using poetry, rhythms, and their own voices. The session will have everyone participating and sharing their stories through "coplas" (couplets/verses) at the rhythm of a live music performance by El Santo Golpe.

Musica y Movimiento (Music and Movement)

Story telling cannot only be express through lyrics, but also through dance and movement. Cultures around the world have used dance as an important source of energy, expression, cultural preservations, understanding, storytelling and a way of honoring their believes and ancestors. This interactive workshop will introduce students to different dance and movements expressed through some parts of Latin America. El Santo Golpe encourages participants to express their emotions and tell their stories through dance and movement, providing them the understanding of the important role that dance and rhythms play in our daily lives.

Viva La Vida! (Youth/Family Presentation)

El Santo Golpe invites you to celebrate life through music, dance, powerful storytelling, and inspiring messages! This live performance engages with audiences of ALL AGES through singing, dance, call and response that will have everyone dancing and singing all day in a movement of celebration and joy. We'll learn about Afro Latin instruments like Jarana, Tarima (a wooden platform), Accordion, Cowbell, Percussion and Dance, along with a mix of sounds and rhythms from around the world. This is your life and it deserves to be celebrated!

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